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Genre Title
Ballet I - mannequin (Pietra Mello-Pittman)
Ballet If this is still a problem (William Tuckett)
Ballet Illuminations (Frederick Ashton)
Ballet The Illustrated 'Farewell' (Twyla Tharp)
Ballet Images of Love (Kenneth MacMillan)
Ballet Impressions of Sophie (Janet Kinson)
Ballet Impromptu (Derek Deane)
Ballet In Between (Erico Montes)
Ballet In the Hothouse (Alastair Marriott)
Ballet In the middle, somewhat elevated (William Forsythe)
Ballet In the Night (Jerome Robbins)
Ballet In the presence of others (Jonathan Watkins)
Ballet Infra (Wayne McGregor)
Ballet The Invitation (Kenneth MacMillan)
Ballet L'Invitation au voyage (Michael Corder)
Ballet Invitus Invitam (Kim Brandstrup)
Ballet Isadora (Kenneth MacMillan)
Ballet Isadora (one act) (Kenneth MacMillan)