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Earrings worn by Lynn Seymour as the Queen of the Cabaret in the Pride scene of The Royal Ballet production of 'The Seven Deadly Sins' (1973)

Collection: Costume Collection
Object number: ROH/PRO/COS/0000396
Date: 1973
Description: Pair of drop earrings consisting of black, red, green and gold coloured beads with a faux emerald at the top. Worn with robe ROH/PRO/COS/0001787, headdress ROH/PRO/COS/0000395, ring ROH/PRO/COS/0005572, shoes ROH/PRO/COS/0003139, and wigs ROH/PRO/COS/0002651 and ROH/PRO/COS/0002652.
Maker: Wardrobe Department
Costume designer: Ian Spurling
Wearer: Lynn Seymour, 1973 - 1973
Company: The Royal Ballet
Dimensions: length 9 cm
Copyright: © ROH Collections
Condition: Good.
Related production: The Seven Deadly Sins (1973)