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Headdress worn by Anthony Conway as a Male Transvestite in the Pride scene of The Royal Ballet production of 'The Seven Deadly Sins' (1973)

Collection: Costume Collection
Object number: ROH/PRO/COS/0000334
Date: 1973
Description: Wire frame headdress with five prongs wrapped in black cotton tape. On the end of each prong is a papier mâché star decorated on both sides with metallic paint, foil, and sequins in pink, orange, red, green, gold, and silver. Strung on wire either side of the stars are round beads hand-painted in pearlised mauve and white.
Maker: Wardrobe Department
Costume designer: Ian Spurling
Wearer: Anthony Conway, 1973 - 1974
Company: The Royal Ballet
Copyright: © ROH Collections
Condition: Good.
Related production: The Seven Deadly Sins (1973)