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Black and white photographic proof prints of The Royal Ballet production of 'Ondine' (1958) at the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden

Collection: Roger Wood Photographic Collection
Reference code: ROH/WOO/2/1/049
Date: 1 October 1958
Date notes: Prints undated; date derived from the corresponding negatives.
Level: File
Extent: 106 black and white prints
Scope and content: Photographs featuring Margot Fonteyn as Ondine, Michael Somes as Palemon, Alexander Grant as Tirrenio, Julia Farron as Berta, Leslie Edwards as A Hermit, and members of The Royal Ballet.
Creator: Roger Wood
Copyright: All images © ROH Collections
Condition: Good. 
Alternative number: Photographer's own reference number: 187U/418, 187U/419, 187U/422, 187U/427, 187U/429, 187U/430, 187U/431, 187U/432, 187U/433, 187U/436, 187U/437, 187U/438, 187U/439, 187U/440, 187U/440A, 187U/441A, 187U/442, 187U/504A, 187U/505A, 187U/506A, 187U/507A, 187U/509A, 187U/510, 187U/511A, 187U/512A, 187U/515, 187U/516, 187U/522, 187U/526A, 187U/527A, 187U/528, 187U/529A, 187U/530, 187U/532A, 187V/6, 187V/616, 187V/619, 187V/621A, 187V/624A, 187V/626A, 187V/634, 387U/108, 387U/109, 387U/213, 387U/214, 387U/317, 387U/318, 387U/319, 387U/414, 387U/508, 387U/508, 387U/508A, 387U/510, 387U/511, 387U/511, 387U/620, 387U/621, 387V/122, 387V/124, 387V/329, 387V/330, 387V/435, 387V/436, 387V/437, 387V/515, 387V/517, 387V/519, 387V/606, 387V/608, 387V/609, 387W/111, 387W/112, 387W/114, 387W/317, 387W/318, 387W/410, 387W/411, 387W/412, 387W/504, 387W/506, 387W/507, 387W/508, 387W/604, 387W/606, 387X/111, 387X/203, 387X/217, 387X/318, 387X/321, 387X/322, 387X/429, 387X/430, 387X/432, 387X/533, 387X/535, 387X/623, 387X/627, 387X534, 387Y/114, 387Y/215, 387Y/217, 387Y/219, 387Y/230, 387Y/425, 387Y/426, 387Y/427.
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