The Sleeping Beauty-1 March 2004 Evening 7.30pm

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Ballet: Performance details

Company: The Royal Ballet
Venue: Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, London
Performance status: Revival
Conductor Valeriy Ovsyanikov
Concert Master Peter Manning
King William Tuckett
Queen Elizabeth McGorian
Princess Aurora Alina Cojocaru
Prince Désiré Federico Bonelli
Master of Ceremonies
Donald MacLeary
Carabosse Zenaida Yanowsky
Lilac Fairy, fairy of Wisdom Isabel McMeekan
Cupid James Liley
Fairy of Purity Chloe Davies
Fairy of Vitality Deirdre Chapman
Fairy of Generosity Mara Galeazzi
Fairy of Eloquence Natasha Oughtred
Fairy of Temperament Laura Morera
King's Herald Giacomo Ciriaci
Lilac Fairy's attendants, Carabosse's attendants, courtiers, nurses, valets, mice Artists of The Royal Ballet
Students of The Royal Ballet School
The Italian Suitor Christopher Saunders
The Spanish Suitor David Pickering
The English Suitor Edward Watson
The Turkish Suitor Alastair Marriott
Princess Aurora's Friend Deirdre Chapman
Princess Aurora's Friend Caroline Duprot
Princess Aurora's Friend Victoria Hewitt
Princess Aurora's Friend Laura Morera
Princess Aurora's Friend Natasha Oughtred
Princess Aurora's Friend Samantha Raine
Princess Aurora's Friend Gillian Revie
Princess Aurora's Friend Christina Elida Salerno
Peasant Girl Francesca Filpi
Peasant Girl Iohna Loots
Peasant Girl Vanessa Palmer
Lilac Fairy's attendants, garland dancers, courtiers, violin pages, Aurora's pages, royal pages, valets, mice Artists of The Royal Ballet
Students of The Royal Ballet School
The Countess Genesia Rosato
Tutor David Drew
Peasant girl Laura Morera
Peasant boy Ricardo Cervera
The Prince's entourage, hunt attendants, dryads Artists of The Royal Ballet
Diamond Fairy Deirdre Chapman
Gold Fairy Laura Morera
Silver Fairy Samantha Raine
Sapphire Fairy Mara Galeazzi
Princess Florine Lauren Cuthbertson
The Bluebird Viacheslav Samodurov
Cinderella Bethany Keating
Prince Fortuné Martin Harvey
Puss-in-boots Ricardo Cervera
The White Cat Natasha Oughtred
Little Red Riding Hood Iohna Loots
The Wolf Thomas Whitehead
Grand pas de deux Alina Cojocaru
Grand pas de deux Federico Bonelli
Fairytale characters, courtiers Artists of The Royal Ballet
The Orchestra of the Royal Opera House
Durations: Prologue: 7.31-8.05pm, Act I: 8.06-8.36pm, Act II: 8.56-9.27pm, Act III: 9.47-10.29pm
Information source: Royal Opera House cast sheet and stage manager's report for 1 March 2004 (in Royal Opera House Collections)