The Sleeping Beauty-22 June 2008 Matinee

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Ballet: Performance details

Company: The Royal Ballet
Venue: National Centre for the Performing Arts, Beijing
Performance status: Revival
Conductor Valery Ovsyanikov
King Florestan XXIV Gary Avis
His Queen Genesia Rosato
Princess Aurora Sarah Lamb
Prince Florimund Ivan Putrov
Cattalabutte Joshua Tuifua
Carabosse Elizabeth McGorian
The Lilac Fairy Laura McCulloch
Fairy of the Crystal Fountain Victoria Hewitt
Her Cavalier Jonathan Watkins
Fairy of the Enchanted Garden Laura Morera
Her Cavalier Fernando Montaño
Fairy of the Woodland Glade Hikaru Kobayashi
Her Cavalier Kenta Kura
Fairy of the Song Bird Iohna Loots
Her Cavalier Sergei Polunin
Fairy of the Golden Vine Helen Crawford
Her Cavalier Ernst Meisner
Lilac Fairy's Cavalier Ryoichi Hirano
Artists of The Royal Ballet
Act I
The French Prince Bennet Gartside
The Spanish Prince Edward Watson
The Indian Prince Kenta Kura
The Russian Prince Ernst Meisner
Princess Aurora's Friend Yuhui Choe
Princess Aurora's Friend Leanne Cope
Princess Aurora's Friend Celisa Diuana
Princess Aurora's Friend Caroline Duprot
Princess Aurora's Friend Bethany Keating
Princess Aurora's Friend Hikaru Kobayashi
Princess Aurora's Friend Emma Maguire
Princess Aurora's Friend Romany Pajdak
Artists of The Royal Ballet
Act II
The Countess Victoria Hewitt
Gallison Jonathan Howells
Artists of The Royal Ballet
Florestan Sergei Polunin
his Sister Helen Crawford
his Sister Emma Maguire
Puss-in-Boots Ricardo Cervera
White Cat Leanne Cope
Princess Florine Yuhui Choe
Bluebird Brian Maloney
Red Riding Hood Romany Pajdak
Wolf Johannes Stepanek
Grand pas de deux Sarah Lamb
Grand pas de deux Ivan Putrov
Artists of The Royal Ballet
National Ballet of China Symphony Orchestra
Information source: The Royal Ballet Overseas Tour cast sheet for 22 June 2008 (in Royal Opera House Collections)