The Sleeping Beauty-29 December 1962 Evening

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Ballet: Performance details

Company: The Royal Ballet
Venue: Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, London
Performance status: Revival
Conductor Sergiu Comissiona
Leader Charles Taylor
King Florestan XXIV Derek Rencher
His Queen Gerd Larsen
The Princess Aurora Svetlana Beriosova
Prince Florimund Donald MacLeary
Master of Ceremonies
Leslie Edwards
the Wicked Fairy
Franklin White
The Fairy of the Lilac Deanne Bergsma
The Fairy of the Crystal Fountain Lynn Seymour
Her Cavalier Anthony Dowell
The Fairy of the Enchanted Garden Merle Park
Her Cavalier David Drew
The Fairy of the Woodland Glades Antoinette Sibley
Her Cavalier Robert Mead
The Fairy of the Song Birds Maryon Lane
Her Cavalier Lambert Cox
The Fairy of the Golden Vine Pamela Moncur
Her Cavalier Austin Bennett
The Cavalier of The Lilac Fairy Keith Rosson
Fairy Attendants, Courtiers, Heralds, Rats, Mice, etc.
The First Prince Desmond Doyle
The Second Prince Christopher Newton
The Third Prince Keith Rosson
The Fourth Prince David Drew
Princess Aurora's Friend Pamela Moncur
Princess Aurora's Friend Kay Connett
Princess Aurora's Friend Mavis Osborn
Princess Aurora's Friend Ann Jenner
Princess Aurora's Friend Jacqueline Haslam
Princess Aurora's Friend Ann Howard
Princess Aurora's Friend Carole Hill
Princess Aurora's Friend Virginia Wakelyn
Village Maidens, Peasants, Courtiers, etc.
The Countess Christine Beckley
the Prince's Tutor
Stanley Holden
Duchess Monica Mason
Duchess Audrey Henderson
Duke Keith Rosson
Duke Ronald Plaisted
Marchioness Betty Kavanagh
Marchioness Vergie Derman
Marchioness Susan Turnham
Marchioness Hilary Cartwright
Marquess Jelko Yuresha
Marquess Petrus Bosman
Marquess Robert Mead
Marquess David Jones
Nymphs, Peasants
Florestan Robert Mead
Florestan's Sister Christine Beckley
Florestan's Sister Ann Jenner
Puss-in-Boots Douglas Steuart
The White Cat Virginia Wakelyn
The Blue Bird Antoinette Sibley
The Blue Bird Graham Usher
Red Riding Hood Ann Howard
The Wolf Ronald Plaisted
Pas de Deux Svetlana Beriosova
Pas de Deux Donald MacLeary
Variation Donald MacLeary
Variation Svetlana Beriosova
one of The Three Ivans
Alexander Grant
one of The Three Ivans
Michael Coleman
one of The Three Ivans
Lawrence Ruffell
Finale The Full Company
Maids of Honour, Courtiers, etc.
The Covent Garden Orchestra
Information source: Royal Opera House programme for 29 December 1962 (in Royal Opera House Collections)