Ondine-2 March 1961 Evening

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Ballet: Performance details

Company: The Royal Ballet
Venue: Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, London
Performance status: Revival
Conductor John Lanchbery
Leader Charles Taylor
Ondine Margot Fonteyn
Palemon Michael Somes
Berta Julia Farron
lord of the Mediterranean Sea
Alexander Grant
A Hermit Leslie Edwards
An Ondine Georgina Parkinson
An Ondine Christine Anthony
An Ondine Audrey Henderson
An Ondine Rosalind Eyre
An Ondine Monica Mason
An Ondine Ann Kenward
An Ondine Jacqueline Daryl
An Ondine Louanne Richards
An Ondine Deanne Bergsma
An Ondine Heather Clipperton
An Ondine Vyvyan Lorrayne
An Ondine Christine Beckley
An Ondine Jane Robinson
An Ondine Keith Rosson
An Ondine Christopher Newton
An Ondine Ronald Plaisted
An Ondine Petrus Bosman
An Ondine Derek Rencher
An Ondine Clive Molloy
An Ondine Bryan Lawrence
Hunt Hylda Zinkin
Hunt Noreen Sopwith
Hunt Robin Haig
Hunt Patricia Thorogood
Hunt Glynis Ellams
Hunt Julie Wood
Hunt Ray Powell
Hunt William Wilson
Hunt Stanley Holden
Hunt Douglas Steuart
Hunt John Sale
Hunt Lawrence Ruffell
Wood Sprite Pamela Moncur
Wood Sprite Margaret Lyons
Wood Sprite Mavis Osborn
Wood Sprite Maureen Maitland
Wood Sprite Gloria Bluemel
Wood Sprite Ann Howard
Wood Sprite Derek Rencher
Wood Sprite Richard Farley
Wood Sprite David Drew
Wood Sprite Kenneth Mason
Wood Sprite Austin Bennett
Wood Sprite Kenneth Barlow
People from the Port Glynis Ellams
People from the Port Hylda Zinkin
People from the Port Robin Haig
People from the Port Patricia Thorogood
People from the Port Christine Anthony
People from the Port Julie Wood
People from the Port Noreen Sopwith
People from the Port Jacqueline Haslam
People from the Port Janet Varley
People from the Port Kenneth Mason
People from the Port Stanley Holden
People from the Port Lawrence Ruffell
People from the Port Austin Bennett
People from the Port Keith Milland
People from the Port Kenneth Barlow
Sailor Ronald Plaisted
Sailor Derek Rencher
Sailor Keith Rosson
Sailor Christopher Newton
Sailor Richard Farley
Sailor Petrus Bosman
Sailor Douglas Steuart
Sailor John Sale
Sailor Clive Molloy
Sailor William Wilson
Sailor Bryan Lawrence
Sailor David Drew
Grand Pas Classique Rosalind Eyre
Grand Pas Classique Louanne Richards
Grand Pas Classique Jacqueline Daryl
Grand Pas Classique Audrey Henderson
Grand Pas Classique Deanne Bergsma
Grand Pas Classique Noreen Sopwith
Grand Pas Classique Vyvyan Lorrayne
Grand Pas Classique Gloria Bluemel
Grand Pas Classique Maureen Maitland
Grand Pas Classique Margaret Lyons
Grand Pas Classique Robin Haig
Grand Pas Classique Julie Wood
Grand Pas Classique Bryan Lawrence
Grand Pas Classique Derek Rencher
Grand Pas Classique Petrus Bosman
Grand Pas Classique Richard Farley
Grand Pas Classique Keith Rosson
Grand Pas Classique Christopher Newton
Divertissement Maryon Lane
Divertissement Merle Park
Divertissement Antoinette Sibley
Divertissement Brian Shaw
Divertissement Graham Usher
Divertissement Douglas Steuart
Divertissement Ann Howard
Divertissement Pamela Moncur
Divertissement Georgina Parkinson
Divertissement Christine Beckley
Divertissement Monica Mason
Divertissement Mavis Osborn
Divertissement John Sale
Divertissement William Wilson
Divertissement Lawrence Ruffell
Divertissement Stanley Holden
Divertissement Ronald Plaisted
Divertissement Keith Milland
Wedding Guest Oriol Bath
Wedding Guest Janet Lewis
Wedding Guest Myrleen Hedley
Wedding Guest Romayne Grigorova
Wedding Guest Jane Witchell
Wedding Guest Jenny Thomas
Wedding Guest David Drew
Wedding Guest Kenneth Barlow
Wedding Guest Kenneth Mason
Wedding Guest Austin Bennett
Wedding Guest David Jones
Wedding Guest Anthony Dowell
Lackeys, Footmen, Page Gary Sherwood
Lackeys, Footmen, Page Gordon Yeats
Lackeys, Footmen, Page Geoffrey Cauley
Lackeys, Footmen, Page Geoffrey Corser
Lackeys, Footmen, Page Anthony Dowell
Lackeys, Footmen, Page Graham Powell
Solo Pianist Jean Gilbert
The Covent Garden Orchestra
Information source: Royal Opera House programme for 2 March 1961 (in Royal Opera House Collections)