Dances at a Gathering

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Ballet: Work details

Choreographer: Jerome Robbins
Composer: Fryderyk Franciszek Chopin
Music title: Mazurka, Op.63 No.3 in C-sharp minor; Waltz, Op.69 No.2 in B minor; Mazurka, Op.33 No.3 in C major; Mazurka, Op.6 No.4 in E-flat minor; Mazurka, Op.7 No.5 in C major; Mazurka, Op.7 No.4 in A-flat major; Mazurka, Op.24 No.2 in C major; Mazurka, Op.6 No.2 in C-sharp minor; Waltz, Op.42 in A-flat major; Waltz, Op.34 No.2 in A minor; Mazurka, Op56 No.2 in C major; Etude, Op.25 No.4 in A minor; Waltz, Op.34 No.1 in A-flat major; Etude, Op.25 No.5 in E minor; Waltz, Op.70 No.2 in F minor; Etude, Op.10 No.2 in A minor; Scherzo, Op.20 in B minor; Nocturne, Op.15 No.1 in F major
Work definition: Ballet in one act
Notes: Music consists of 18 solo piano pieces performed in the order listed above.
World premiere: 8 May 1969, New York City Ballet, New York State Theater, New York
ROH premiere: 19 October 1970, The Royal Ballet
ROH company premiere: 19 October 1970, The Royal Ballet, Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, London
Dances at a Gathering (1970) The Royal Ballet (61 performances online)