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Signed and dated costume design by Attilio Comelli - a Valkyrie in 'Die Walküre'

Collection: Attilio Comelli Design Collection
Object number: ROH/COM/DES/COS/0002
Date: 1903
Description: Watercolour and pencil design for a Valkyrie who is depicted wearing a gold dome-shaped helmet with two tall white feathered wings, a full-length white tunic with a side opening in the skirt, and short draped sleeves fastened at the shoulders with decorative metallic clasps, corseted upper body armour of gold metal and brown leather, with coiled spiral breast cups, and baubles and tear drop shapes hanging from its bottom edge, coiled gold armlets, and brown leather sandals. She carries a spear and shield. The wearer name noted on the front of the design is: Miss McCulloch. There are wearer measurements noted on the back of the design.
Costume designer: Attilio Comelli
Dimensions: height 37.25 cm; width 27 cm
Condition: Good.
Related work: Die Walküre