The Sleeping Beauty-17 December 1968 Evening

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Ballet: Performance details

Company: The Royal Ballet
Venue: Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, London
Performance status: Original season
Conductor John Lanchbery
Leader Charles Taylor
King Florestan Leslie Edwards
His Queen Gerd Larsen
Princess Aurora Antoinette Sibley
Prince Florimund Donald MacLeary
Master of the Ceremonies
Stanley Holden
the Wicked Fairy
Julia Farron
The Lilac Fairy Deanne Bergsma
The Fairy of Beauty Ria Peri
Her Cavalier Petrus Bosman
The Fairy of Honour Christine Beckley
Her Cavalier Chinko Rafique
The Fairy of Modesty Jennifer Penney
Her Cavalier Gary Sherwood
The Fairy of Joy Georgina Parkinson
Her Cavalier David Drew
The Fairy of Song Ann Jenner
Her Cavalier Michael Coleman
The Fairy of Temperament Monica Mason
Her Cavalier Paul Brown
Fairy Attendants, Courtiers, Heralds, Pages, Rats, Mice, etc.
Act I
The Prince of the North Derek Rencher
The Prince of the South Kenneth Mason
The Prince of the East Keith Rosson
The Prince of the West David Drew
Princess Aurora's Friend Avril Bergen
Princess Aurora's Friend Lesley Collier
Princess Aurora's Friend Jill Cooke
Princess Aurora's Friend Bridget Goodricke
Princess Aurora's Friend Carole Hill
Princess Aurora's Friend Rosemary Taylor
Princess Aurora's Friend Marilyn Trounson
Princess Aurora's Friend Diana Vere
Village Maidens, Peasants, Courtiers, etc.
Act II
The Countess Christine Beckley
The Prince's Aide Ronald Plaisted
The Prince's Entourage Deirdre O'Conaire
The Prince's Entourage Ria Peri
The Prince's Entourage Derek Rencher
The Prince's Entourage David Drew
The Prince's Entourage Julie Wood
The Prince's Entourage Betty Kavanagh
The Prince's Entourage Rosalind Bury
The Prince's Entourage Joanna Mordaunt
The Prince's Entourage Dennis Griffiths
The Prince's Entourage Paul Brown
The Prince's Entourage David Gayle
The Prince's Entourage Chinko Rafique
Nymphs, Peasants, Hunt Attendants, etc.
Gold and Silver Pas de Trois Ann Jenner
Gold and Silver Pas de Trois Brian Shaw
Gold and Silver Pas de Trois Keith Martin
The Blue Bird Merle Park
The Blue Bird Michael Coleman
The White Cat Lesley Collier
Puss-in-Boots Alexander Grant
Pas de Deux Antoinette Sibley
Pas de Deux Donald MacLeary
Finale The Full Company
Fairy Tale Characters, Fairy Attendants, Courtiers, etc.
The Orchestra of the Royal Opera House
Event: The Royal Ballet Gala performance of 'The Sleeping Beauty' 17 December 1968
Information source: Royal Opera House Gala programme for 17 December 1968 (in Royal Opera House Collections)