Poster for the Royal Italian Opera performance of the opera 'I puritani' and the ballet 'La Reine des fées' on 29 April 1847 at the Royal Italian Opera, Covent Garden

Collection: Poster Collection
Object number: ROH/MAR/POS/2242
Date: 29 April 1847
Date notes: Date of the performance, rather than of the poster's creation.
Description: Poster with black and red text, listing the casts as below.
Printer: J Mallett
Conductor: Michael Costa
Singer: Giulia Grisi
Singer: Angelini
Singer: Giovanni Matteo Mario
Singer: Antonio Tamburini
Singer: Entimio Polonini
Singer: Tulli
Singer: Joseph Dieudonné Tagliafico
Director of the Ballet: Albert
Dancer: Adèle Dumilâtre
Dancer: Bertin
Dancer: Neodot
Dancer: de Melisse
Dancer: F Auriol
Dancer: Delechaux
Dancer: Petipa
Dancer: Auguste Mabille
Dancer: O'Bryan
Dancer: Bertrand
Company: Royal Italian Opera
Language: English
Dimensions: height 71 cm; width 56 cm
Condition: Fair. Poster has been cleaned and conserved.
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