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Scenery cue sheet for The Royal Ballet productions of 'La Fille mal gardée' (1960), 'Diversions' (1961), 'La Fin du jour' (1979), 'Liebeslieder Walzer' (1979), 'Façade' (1940), 'The Four Seasons' (1975) and 'Gloria' (1980)

Collection: Technical Equipment Collection
Object number: ROH/TEC/EQU/007
Date: 1978 - 1981
Date notes: Sheet undated; these productions were all performed between the 1978/79 and 1981/82 seasons. The sheet may have been used earlier for certain productions and may have continued to be used for others until 1997.
Description: Double-sided cue sheet made of thick white cardboard with cue instructions written in marker pen. The sheet has the date 1980 written on it. It was used on the Fly Floor to cue changes of scenery and was removed from the Royal Opera House in 1997.
Maker: ROH Technical Department
Company: The Royal Ballet
Dimensions: height 81 cm; width 57 cm
Condition: Good.
Related production: Façade (1940)
La Fille mal gardée (1960)
Diversions (1961)
La Fin du jour (1979)
Liebeslieder Walzer (1979)
The Four Seasons (1975)
Gloria (1980)
The Four Seasons (1980)