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Waistcoat worn by Franco Bonnisolli, Giacomo Aragall, and Giuseppe Giacomini as Cavaradossi in The Royal Opera production of 'Tosca' (1964)

Collection: Costume Collection
Object number: ROH/PRO/COS/0004959
Date: 1981
Description: Green-brown waistcoat with beige back. Worn with shirt ROH/PRO/COS/0004958, trousers ROH/PRO/COS/0004957, and tailcoat ROH/PRO/COS/0004960.
Maker: Wardrobe Department
Costume designer: Marcel Escoffier
Wearer: Franco Bonisolli, 1981 - 1981
Wearer: Giacomo Aragall, 1983 - 1984
Wearer: Giuseppe Giacomini, 1986 - 1988
Company: The Royal Opera
Copyright: © ROH Collections
Condition: Poor. Back discoloured.
Related production: Tosca (1964)