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Unitard worn by Judith Howarth as Woglinde in The Royal Opera production of 'Götterdämmerung' (1995)

Collection: Costume Collection
Object number: ROH/PRO/COS/0004390
Date: 1995
Description: Orange cotton unitard with integral feet and gloves that fastens with buttons down the back. The unitard has appliquéd black shapes to represent a nude female figure. It has boning on the knees, arms, torso and collarbone to create the impression of bones showing through skin.
Maker: Wardrobe Department
Costume designer: Nigel Lowery
Wearer: Judith Howarth, 1995 - 1996
Company: The Royal Opera
Copyright: © ROH Collections
Condition: Good.
Related work: Der Ring des Nibelungen
Related production: Götterdämmerung (1995)