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Black and white photographic prints of the Sadler's Wells Ballet production of 'Birthday Offering' (1956) at the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden

Collection: Roger Wood Photographic Collection
Reference code: ROH/WOO/2/2/015
Date: 3 May 1956 - 5 May 1956
Date notes: Prints undated; date derived from negatives.
Level: File
Extent: 60 black and white prints and 21 black and white contact sheets, including some duplicates
Scope and content: Photographs featuring the following couples: Margot Fonteyn and Michael Somes, Beryl Grey and Philip Chatfield, Violetta Elvin and David Blair, Nadia Nerina and Alexander Grant, Rowena Jackson and Desmond Doyle, Svetlana Beriosova and Bryan Ashbridge, and Elaine Fifield and Brian Shaw. Includes photographs of dancers and Ninette de Valois in rehearsal.
Creator: Roger Wood
Copyright: All images © ROH Collections
Condition: Good. Some of the contact sheets are marked or crossed through. Some of the prints are marked with crop lines.
Alternative number: Photographer's own reference number: 30861, 187N/130, 187N/122, 187N/128, 187N/207, 187N/221, 187N/222, 187N/224, 187N/319, 187N/331, 187N/510A, 187N/630, 187P/100, 187P/200, 187P/300, 187P/323, 187P/330, 187P/333, 187P/334, 187P/336, A30883, A30884, A30885, A30886, A30887, A30888, A30889, A30890, A30891, A30892, A30893, A30894, A30895, A30896, A30897, A30898, A30899, A30900, A30901, A30902, A30903, A30904, A30905, A30906, A30907, A30908, A30909, A30910, A30911, A30912, A30913, A30914, A30915, A30916, A30917, A30918, A30919, A30920, A30921, A30922, A30923, A30924, A30925, A30926, A30927, A30928, A30929, A30930, A30931, A30932, A30933, A30934, A30935, A30936, A30940, A31058A-M, A31060A-L, C30861, C30862, C30863, C30866, C30867, C30868, C30870, C30871, C30872, C30873, C30874, C30875, C30876, C30877, C30878, C30879, C30881, C30882, C30897, C30918.
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