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Hat worn by Vergie Derman as The Wife in The Royal Ballet revival of 'The Invitation' (1962) and Vyvyan Lorrayne as The Wife in The Royal Ballet Touring Company revival of 'The Invitation' (1960)

Collection: Costume Collection
Object number: ROH/PRO/COS/0000298
Date: 1968
Description: Wide-brimmed hat covered with green chiffon. It is decorated with lengths of green and yellow chiffon, net flowers, and green pipe cleaners. The brim is turned up at the front.
Maker: Wardrobe Department
Costume designer: Nicholas Georgiadis
Wearer: Vergie Derman, 1968 - 1977
Wearer: Vyvyan Lorrayne, 1974 - 1975
Company: The Royal Ballet
Company: The Royal Ballet Touring Company
Dimensions: length 58 cm; width 39 cm
Copyright: © ROH Collections
Condition: Good.
Related production: The Invitation (1960)
The Invitation (1962)