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Signed and dated costume design by Attilio Comelli - a Female Slave in 'Aida'

Collection: Attilio Comelli Design Collection
Object number: ROH/COM/DES/COS/0447
Date: 1901
Description: Watercolour and ink sketch for a Female Slave who is depicted wearing a black wig, a white and brown decoratively patterned collar, a white chemise, a cream coloured sarong with a brown pattern, and beige sandals. She carries a feather. Wearer names noted on the front of the design are: Stefani, Bertinielli, Roda. A handwritten note on the front of the design reads: '4 Amneris attendants. Chorus ladies'.
Costume designer: Attilio Comelli
Dimensions: height 37 cm; width 27 cm
Condition: Good.
Alternative number: CT 670
Related work: Aida