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Boris Godunov - 8 October 1948 Evening 7.00pm

Opera: Performance details

Company: Covent Garden Opera Company
Venue: Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, London
Performance status: Revival
Conductor Karl Rankl
Chorus Master Douglas Robinson
Leader Joseph Shadwick
a police officer
Geraint Evans
a peasant
Hubert Littlewood
Andrei Shchelkalof
Secretary of the Council
Rhydderch Davies
Boris Godunov
Tsar of Russia
Paolo Silveri
his child
Barbara Britton
his child
Adele Leigh
a monk and chronicler
David Franklin
The Pretender
named Grigory, afterwards the false Dmitri (a novice in Pimen's cave)
Edgar Evans
The Hostess of the Inn Edith Coates
vagabond monk
Howell Glynne
vagabond monk
David Tree
Police Officer Ronald Lewis
Xenia's nurse Valetta Iacopi
The Boyar in attendance Emlyn Jones
Prince Vassili Ivanovich Shuisky
a courtier
Hubert Norville
Marina Mnishek
a Polish princess
Constance Shacklock
a Jesuit emissary
Tom Williams
The Boyar Khrushchof Thomas Fletcher
a Jesuit
Rhydderch Davies
a Jesuit
Ronald Lewis
The Simpleton Richard Lewis
Boyars, their children, Guards, Soldiers, Officers, Polish Noblemen and Ladies, Polish Girls, Wandering Mendicants, the people of Moscow The Covent Garden Opera Chorus
The Covent Garden Orchestra
Language: English
Translator: M D Calvocoressi
Durations: Prologue scene 1: 7.03-7.14pm, Prologue scene 2: 7.16-7.25pm, Act I scene 1: 7.40-7.53pm, Act I scene 2: 7.55-8.13pm, Act II scene 1: 8.46-9.13pm, Act II scene 2: 9.17-9.27pm, Act II scene 3: 9.27-9.41pm, Act III scene 1: 10.03-10.26pm, Act III scene 2: 10.30-10.45pm
Information source: Royal Opera House programme and stage manager's report for 8 October 1948 (in Royal Opera House Collections)