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Peter Grimes - 5 October 1948 Evening 7.00pm

Opera: Performance details

Company: Covent Garden Opera Company
Venue: Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, London
Performance status: Revival
Conductor Karl Rankl
Chorus Master Douglas Robinson
Leader Joseph Shadwick
Peter Grimes
a fisherman
Richard Lewis
Ellen Orford
the Borough schoolmistress
Doris Dorée
Landlady of the Boar
Edith Coates
Her Niece Blanche Turner
Her Niece Muriel Rae
Captain Balstrode
a retired sea captain
Tom Williams
Mrs. Sedley
a widow
Valetta Iacopi
lawyer and magistrate
Owen Brannigan
Ned Keene
Grahame Clifford
Bob Boles
a Methodist fisherman
Hubert Norville
The Rector David Tree
the village carrier
Rhydderch Davies
The Boy
Peter Grimes' new apprentice
Alan Thompson
The Covent Garden Opera Chorus
The Covent Garden Orchestra
Language: English
Durations: Prologue: 7.03-7.12pm, Act I scene 1: 7.15-7.37pm, Act I scene 2: 7.40-7.56pm, Act II scene 1: 8.14-8.42pm, Act II scene 2: 8.48-9.00pm, Act III scene 1: 9.21-9.47pm, Act III scene 2: 9.48-9.59pm
Information source: Royal Opera House programme and stage manager's report for 5 October 1948 (in Royal Opera House Collections)