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Illuminations - 4 May 1996 Matinee 

Ballet: Performance details

Company: The Royal Ballet
Venue: Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, London
Performance status: Revival
Conductor Leslie B Dunner
Leader Vasko Vassilev
FANFARE 'I alone hold the key to this savage parade'
The Poet Adam Cooper
TOWNS 'Bacchantes and the suburbs weep [...] Savages dance unceasingly the Festival of the Night'
The Poet Adam Cooper
The Birdcage Lady Nicola Searchfield
Postman Mara Galeazzi
Waiter Julie Lack
Street Cleaner Vanessa Palmer
Pastry Chef Claire Livingstone
Painter Philippa Gordon
Poster Sticker's Assistant Michelle Davis
Chimney Sweep Milena Regis
Dandy Jonathan Howells
Drunken Soldier David Pickering
Drunken Soldier Iñaki Urlezaga
Young Lover Patricia Roivas
Young Lover Neil Skidmore
PHRASE 'I have hung [...] golden chains from star to star - and I dance'
The Poet Adam Cooper
ANTIQUE 'Oh, gracious son of Pan!'
Sacred Love Zenaida Yanowsky
Profane Love Christina McDermott
The Poet Adam Cooper
ROYALTY and MARINE 'A man and a woman of proud presence [...] cried aloud: 'My friends, it is my wish that she should be queen'. 'I want to be queen.'
King David Drew
Queen Zenaida Yanowsky
Acolyte Giacomo Ciriaci
Acolyte Tom Sapsford
Trainbearer Kate Larter
Trainbearer Jenny Tattersall
Bishop Luke Heydon
Drummer Jonathan Howells
Herald Anthony Bourne
INTERLUDE 'I alone hold the key to this savage parade'
The Poet Adam Cooper
Profane Love Christina McDermott
BEING BEAUTEOUS 'Ah! The pale ashen face, the mane-like hair, the arms of crystal!'
Sacred Love Zenaida Yanowsky
Dancer Gary Avis
Dancer Alastair Marriott
Dancer Michael Nunn
Dancer Christopher Saunders
PARADE and DEPARTURE 'Departure in the midst of new love and noise'
Dancers Entire Cast
Policeman David Pickering
Policeman Iñaki Urlezaga
Coachman Luke Heydon
Coachman Thomas Whitehead
Solo tenor John Bowen
The Orchestra of the Royal Opera House
Durations: Entire work: 23 minutes
Event: Number 1 in The Royal Ballet mixed programme 4 May 1996 matinee
Information source: Royal Opera House cast sheet for 4 May 1996 (in Royal Opera House Collections)