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Song of the Earth - 22 May 2003 Evening 

Ballet: Performance details

Company: The Royal Ballet
Venue: Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, London
Performance status: Revival
Conductor Barry Wordsworth
Concert Master Sergey Levitin
Singer Natascha Petrinsky
Singer Tom Randle
The Messenger of Death Edward Watson
First Song Iñaki Urlezaga
First Song Ricardo Cervera
First Song Ivan Putrov
First Song Bennet Gartside
First Song Martin Harvey
First Song Kenta Kura
Second Song Laura Morera
Second Song Mara Galeazzi
Second Song Samantha Raine
Second song Jaimie Tapper
Second Song Ivan Putrov
Second Song Ricardo Cervera
Second Song Bennet Gartside
Second Song Martin Harvey
Third Song Mara Galeazzi
Third Song Gemma Bond
Third Song Bethany Keating
Third Song Iohna Loots
Third Song Natasha Oughtred
Third Song Giacomo Ciriaci
Third Song Brian Maloney
Third Song Tim Matiakis
Third Song Richard Ramsey
Fourth Song Jaimie Tapper
Fourth Song Gemma Bond
Fourth Song Deirdre Chapman
Fourth Song Bethany Keating
Fourth Song Iohna Loots
Fourth Song Natasha Oughtred
Fourth Song Samantha Raine
Fourth Song Ricardo Cervera
Fourth Song Giacomo Ciriaci
Fourth Song Kenta Kura
Fourth Song Brian Maloney
Fourth Song Tim Matiakis
Fourth Song Ivan Putrov
Fourth Song Richard Ramsey
Fifth Song Iñaki Urlezaga
Fifth Song Ricardo Cervera
Fifth Song Martin Harvey
Sixth Song Laura Morera
Sixth Song Iñaki Urlezaga
Sixth Song Mara Galeazzi
Sixth Song Samantha Raine
Sixth Song Jaimie Tapper
Sixth Song Ricardo Cervera
Sixth Song Bennet Gartside
Sixth Song Martin Harvey
Sixth Song Deirdre Chapman
Sixth Song Ivan Putrov
Sixth Song Gemma Bond
Sixth Song Bethany Keating
Sixth Song Iohna Loots
Sixth Song Natasha Oughtred
Sixth Song Giacomo Ciriaci
Sixth Song Brian Maloney
Sixth Song Tim Matiakis
Sixth Song Richard Ramsey
The Orchestra of the Royal Opera House
Durations: Entire work: 63 minutes
Event: Number 3 in The Royal Ballet mixed programme 22 May 2003
Information source: Royal Opera House cast sheet for 22 May 2003 (in Royal Opera House Collections)