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The Sleeping Beauty - 8 June 1973 Evening 

Ballet: Performance details

Company: The Royal Ballet
Venue: Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, London
Performance status: Original season
Conductor Ashley Lawrence
Leader Meyer Stolow
King Florestan Leslie Edwards
His Queen Gerd Larsen
Princess Aurora Natalia Makarova
Prince Florimund Rudolf Nureyev
Master of Ceremonies
Ronald Plaisted
the Wicked Fairy
Alexander Grant
The Lilac Fairy Deanne Bergsma
The Fairy of the Columbine Jennifer Penney
Her Cavalier Julian Hosking
The Fairy of the Cornflower Laura Connor
Her Cavalier Peter Fairweather
The Fairy of the Harebell Diana Vere
Her Cavalier Murray Kilgour
The Fairy of the Larkspur Ann Jenner
Her Cavalier Wayne Eagling
The Fairy of the Passion Flower Monica Mason
Her Cavalier David Ashmole
The Cavalier of The Lilac Fairy David Drew
Fairy Attendants, Courtiers, Heralds Artists of The Royal Ballet
one of The Four Princes
Adrian Grater
one of The Four Princes
Derek Rencher
one of The Four Princes
Gary Sherwood
one of The Four Princes
David Drew
Princess Aurora's Friend Carolyn Abbott
Princess Aurora's Friend Wendy Ellis
Princess Aurora's Friend Julie Lincoln
Princess Aurora's Freind Susan Lockwood
Princess Aurora's Friend Barbara Lower
Princess Aurora's Friend Rosemary Taylor
Princess Aurora's Friend Hilary Tickner
Princess Aurora's Friend Anita Young
Village Maidens, Youths, Knitting Girls, Courtiers Artists of The Royal Ballet
The Countess Rosalind Eyre
The Prince's Aide
Graham Fletcher
The Prince's Entourage Sally Ashby
The Prince's Entourage Wendy Groombridge
The Prince's Entourage Judith Howe
The Prince's Entourage Sally Inkin
The Prince's Entourage Brigid Skemp
The Prince's Entourage Jacqui Tallis
The Prince's Entourage Peter Fairweather
The Prince's Entourage Julian Hosking
The Prince's Entourage Murray Kilgour
The Prince's Entourage Peter O'Brien
The Prince's Entourage William Perrie
The Prince's Entourage Derek Rencher
Nymphs, Peasants, Hunt Attendants Artists of The Royal Ballet
Jewel Fairy Variation 1 Jennifer Penney
Jewel Fairy Variation 2 Sandra Conley
Jewel Fairy Pas de Trois Belinda Corken
Jewel Fairy Pas de Trois Wendy Ellis
Jewel Fairy Pas de Trois Marilyn Trounson
Jewel Fairy Variation 3 Laura Connor
Lilac Fairy Variation Deanne Bergsma
Puss in Boots Christopher Carr
The White Cat Anita Young
The Blue Bird Ann Jenner
The Blue Bird Michael Coleman
Hop O' My Thumb and His Magic Boots Wayne Sleep
Grand pas de deux Natalia Makarova
Grand pas de deux Rudolf Nureyev
Mazurka and Finale The Entire Cast
Maids of Honour, Courtiers, etc.
The Orchestra of the Royal Opera House
Information source: Royal Opera House programme for 8 June 1973 (in Royal Opera House Collections)