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Concerto - 28 November 1970 Evening 

Ballet: Performance details

Company: The Royal Ballet
Venue: Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, London
Performance status: Original season
Conductor Emanuel Young
Leader Charles Taylor
1st Movement Jennifer Penney
1st Movement Michael Coleman
1st Movement Suzanna Raymond
1st Movement Bridget Goodricke
1st Movement Marilyn Trounson
1st Movement David Drew
1st Movement Jonathan Kelly
1st Movement Frank Freeman
Artists of The Royal Ballet
2nd Movement Alfreda Thorogood
2nd Movement Kerrison Cooke
2nd Movement Suzanna Raymond
2nd Movement Bridget Goodricke
2nd Movement Marilyn Trounson
2nd Movement David Drew
2nd Movement Jonathan Kelly
2nd Movement Frank Freeman
Artists of The Royal Ballet
3rd Movement Monica Mason
3rd Movement Jennifer Penney
3rd Movement Michael Coleman
3rd Movement Alfreda Thorogood
3rd Movement Kerrison Cooke
3rd Movement Suzanna Raymond
3rd Movement Bridget Goodricke
3rd Movement Marilyn Trounson
3rd Movement David Drew
3rd Movement Jonathan Kelly
3rd Movement Mark Freeman
Artists of The Royal Ballet
Pianist Anthony Twiner
The Orchestra of the Royal Opera House
Event: Number 1 in The Royal Ballet mixed programme 28 November 1970
Information source: Royal Opera House programme for 28 November 1970 (in Royal Opera House Collections)