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Concerto - 30 March 2010 Evening 7.30pm

Ballet: Performance details

Company: The Royal Ballet
Venue: Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, London
Performance status: Revival
Conductor Dominic Grier
Co-Concert Master Sergey Levitin
First Movement Laura Morera
First Movement Brian Maloney
First Movement Bethany Keating
First Movement Hikaru Kobayashi
First Movement Samantha Raine
First Movement Kenta Kura
First Movement Sergei Polunin
First Movement Johannes Stepanek
Second Movement Sarah Lamb
Second Movement Ryoichi Hirano
Second Movement Bethany Keating
Second Movement Hikaru Kobayashi
Second Movement Samantha Raine
Second Movement Kenta Kura
Second Movement Sergei Polunin
Second Movement Johannes Stepanek
Third Movement Laura McCulloch
Third Movement Laura Morera
Third Movement Brian Maloney
Third Movement Sarah Lamb
Third Movement Ryoichi Hirano
Third Movement Bethany Keating
Third Movement Hikaru Kobayashi
Third Movement Samantha Raine
Third Movement Kenta Kura
Third Movement Sergei Polunin
Third Movement Johannes Stepanek
Artists of The Royal Ballet
Solo piano Jonathan Higgins
The Orchestra of the Royal Opera House
Durations: Entire work: 7.32-7.57pm
Event: Number 1 in The Royal Ballet mixed programme 30 March 2010
Information source: Royal Opera House cast sheet for 30 March 2010 (in Royal Opera House Collections)