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Sylvia - 18 July 2008 Evening 

Ballet: Performance details

Company: The Royal Ballet
Venue: Grand Theatre, Hong Kong Cultural Centre
Performance status: Revival
Conductor Graham Bond
one of Diana's nymphs
Marianela Nuñez
a shepherd
Rupert Pennefather
the Evil Hunter
Thiago Soares
God of Love
Joshua Tuifua
the Huntress, Goddess of Chastity
Laura Morera
Sylvia's Attendant Yuhui Choe
Sylvia's Attendant Helen Crawford
Sylvia's Attendant Francesca Filpi
Sylvia's Attendant Hikaru Kobayashi
Sylvia's Attendant Laura McCulloch
Sylvia's Attendant Kristen McNally
Sylvia's Attendant Isabel McMeekan
Sylvia's Attendant Samantha Raine
Orion's Concubine Helen Crawford
Orion's Concubine Samantha Raine
Slave Kenta Kura
Slave Johannes Stepanek
Goat Bethany Keating
Goat Michael Stojko
Ceres Isabel McMeekan
Jaseion Ernst Meisner
Persephone Caroline Duprot
Pluto Johannes Stepanek
Terpsichore Cindy Jourdain
Apollo Eric Underwood
Naiads, Dryads, Sylvans, Fauns and Peasants, Muses, Spring Attendants, Summer Attendants, Trumpeters Artists of The Royal Ballet
Hong Kong Sinfonietta
Information source: The Royal Ballet Overseas Tour programme for 18 July 2008 (in Royal Opera House Collections)