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Song of the Earth - 17 May 1990 Evening 7.30pm

Ballet: Performance details

Company: The Royal Ballet
Venue: Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, London
Performance status: Revival
Conductor John Lanchbery
Leader John Brown
Singer Sarah Walker
Singer Klaus K├Ânig
The Messenger of Death Bruce Sansom
First Song Antony Dowson
First Song Bruce Barraclough
First Song Phillip Broomhead
First Song Michael Nunn
First Song Ashley Page
First Song Mark Silver
Second Song Darcey Bussell
Second Song Gail Taphouse
Second Song Nicola Tranah
Second Song Ravenna Tucker
Second Song Ashley Page
Second Song Bruce Barraclough
Second Song Phillip Broomhead
Second Song Mark Silver
Third Song Ravenna Tucker
Third Song Larissa Bamber
Third Song Sally Fredericks
Third Song Belinda Hatley
Third Song Sarah Walton
Third Song Jonathan Burrows
Third Song Philip Mosley
Third Song Simon Rice
Third Song Iain Webb
Fourth Song Gail Taphouse
Fourth Song Elizabeth McGorian
Fourth Song Nicola Tranah
Fourth Song Larissa Bamber
Fourth Song Sally Fredericks
Fourth Song Belinda Hatley
Fourth Song Sarah Walton
Fourth Song Ashley Page
Fourth Song Bruce Barraclough
Fourth Song Phillip Broomhead
Fourth Song Michael Nunn
Fourth Song Simon Rice
Fourth Song Mark Silver
Fourth Song Iain Webb
Fifth Song Antony Dowson
Fifth Song Bruce Barraclough
Fifth Song Ashley Page
Sixth Song Darcey Bussell
Sixth Song Antony Dowson
Sixth Song Ravenna Tucker
Sixth Song Gail Taphouse
Sixth Song Nicola Tranah
Sixth Song Phillip Broomhead
Sixth Song Mark Silver
Sixth Song Ashley Page
Sixth Song Elizabeth McGorian
Sixth Song Bruce Barraclough
Sixth Song Larissa Bamber
Sixth Song Sally Fredericks
Sixth Song Belinda Hatley
Sixth Song Sarah Walton
Sixth Song Jonathan Burrows
Sixth Song Philip Mosley
Sixth Song Simon Rice
Sixth Song Iain Webb
The Orchestra of the Royal Opera House
Event: Number 2 in The Royal Ballet mixed programme 17 May 1990
Information source: Royal Opera House cast sheet for 17 May 1990 (in Royal Opera House Collections)