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The Nutcracker - 10 January 2009 Matinee 2.00pm

Ballet: Performance details

Company: The Royal Ballet
Venue: Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, London
Performance status: Revival
Conductor Koen Kessels
Leader Robert Gibbs
Choir Director Charles Cole
Herr Drosselmeyer William Tuckett
his god-daughter
Iohna Loots
Hans-Peter/The Nutcracker
his nephew
Steven McRae
Act I
Scene 1: Drosselmeyer's workshop, early evening
Drosselmeyer's Assistant Jonathan Howells
Scene 2: A street outside the Stahlbaums' house
Maiden Aunt Caroline Jennings
Maiden Aunt Susan Nye
Housekeeper Barbara Rhodes
Scene 3: The Stahlbaum’s living room
Dr Stahlbaum
Clara's father
David Pickering
Mrs Stahlbaum
Clara's mother
Gillian Revie
Clara's brother
Jonathan Rhys Halliwell
Clara's Partner James Hay
Grandmother Kristen McNally
Grandfather Philip Mosley
Dancing Mistress Francesca Filpi
Captain Thomas Whitehead
a doll
Brian Maloney
a doll
Yuhui Choe
a doll
Jonathan Watkins
a doll
Helen Crawford
St Nicholas Kevin Emerton
Scene 4: The Battle
Mouse King Henry St Clair
Scene 5: The Land of Snow
Snowflakes Artists of The Royal Ballet
Singers London Oratory Junior Choir
Act II
Scene 1: The journey to the Kingdom of Sweets
Scene 2: The Sugar Garden of the Palace
The Sugar Plum Fairy Alexandra Ansanelli
The Prince Rupert Pennefather
Spanish Dance Vanessa Palmer
Spanish Dance Johannes Stepanek
Spanish Dance Helen Crawford
Spanish Dance Erico Montes
Spanish Dance Kristen McNally
Spanish Dance Henry St Clair
Arabian Dance Laura McCulloch
Arabian Dance David Pickering
Arabian Dance Ernst Meisner
Arabian Dance Fernando Montaño
Chinese Dance Jonathan Watkins
Chinese Dance Liam Scarlett
Chinese Dance Dawid Trzensimiech
Chinese Dance Andrej Uspenski
Russian Dance Kevin Emerton
Russian Dance James Hay
Dance of the Mirlitons Elsa Godard
Dance of the Mirlitons Elizabeth Harrod
Dance of the Mirlitons Samantha Raine
Dance of the Mirlitons Sabina Westcombe
Waltz of the Flowers
Rose Fairy Laura Morera
Her Escort Bennet Gartside
Her Escort Ryoichi Hirano
Her Escort Eric Underwood
Her Escort Thomas Whitehead
Leading Flower Yuhui Choe
Leading Flower Francesca Filpi
Leading Flower Emma Maguire
Leading Flower Sian Murphy
Artists of The Royal Ballet
Grand pas de deux Alexandra Ansanelli
Grand pas de deux Rupert Pennefather
Finale Entire Cast
Scene 3: A street outside the Stahlbaums' house
Scene 4: Drosselmeyer's workshop later that night
Other characters
Aunts, Uncles, Parents, Maids, Manservants, Revellers, Devils Artists of The Royal Ballet
Children, Toy Soldiers, Mice, Gingerbreads, Rabbit Drummer, Pages, Sentry, Angels Students of The Royal Ballet School (Lower School)
Children, Toy Soldiers, Mice, Gingerbreads, Rabbit Drummer, Pages, Sentry, Angels Students of The Royal Ballet School (Upper School)
The Royal Ballet Sinfonia
Durations: Act I: 2.05-2.55pm, Act II: 3.25-4.15pm
Information source: Royal Opera House cast sheet for 10 January 2009 (in Royal Opera House Collections)