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Mam'zelle Angot - 13 November 1958 Evening 

Ballet: Performance details

Company: The Royal Ballet
Venue: Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, London
Performance status: Revival
Conductor Hugo Rignold
Leader Charles Taylor
Mam'zelle Angot Nadia Nerina
A Barber Alexander Grant
The Caricaturist Gary Burne
The Aristocrat Shirley Grahame
A Government Official Franklin White
The Chief of Police Stanley Holden
Gendarme Peter Clegg
Gendarme John Sale
The Butcher William Wilson
The Tailor Ronald Plaisted
The Bootmaker Douglas Steuart
The Fishwife Judith Sinclair
The Florist Patricia Thorogood
The Seller of Fruit Dorothea Zaymes
The Seller of Vegetables Hylda Zinkin
Lady Jennifer Gay
Lady Monica Mason
Lady Margaret Wing
Child Ann Howard
Child Mavis Osborn
Urchins, Market Women, etc.
The Officer Ronald Hynd
Soldier Petrus Bosman
Soldier Derek Rencher
Soldier Keith Rosson
Soldier Christopher Newton
Soldier Richard Farley
Soldier Maurice Metliss
Guest Brenda Taylor
Guest Georgina Parkinson
Guest Deirdre Dixon
Guest Christine Beckley
Guest Jacqueline Daryl
Guest Doreen Eastlake
Pirate Merle Park
Pirate Ronald Plaisted
Savage Ann Howard
Savage William Wilson
Minstrel Doreen Wells
Minstrel Douglas Steuart
Officer Ronald Hynd
His Lady Hylda Zinkin
Incroyable Graham Usher
Incroyable John Sale
Merveilleuse Jennifer Gay
Merveilleuse Patricia Thorogood
Grisette Antoinette Sibley
Grisette Dorothea Zaymes
Grisette Clover Roope
Grisette Mavis Osborn
Grisette Robin Haig
Grisette Brenda Bolton
Café Proprietor Stanley Holden
Customers, Musicians, Waiters, Soldiers, etc.
The Covent Garden Orchestra
Event: Number 3 in The Royal Ballet mixed programme 13 November 1958
Information source: Royal Opera House programme for 13 November 1958 (in Royal Opera House Collections)