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Khovanshchina - 21 October 1982 Evening 

Opera: Performance details

Company: The Royal Opera
Venue: Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, London
Performance status: Revival
Conductor Evgeny Svetlanov
Chorus Master John McCarthy
Leader David Nolan
a Strelyets (Musketeer)
John Dobson
First Strelyets Roderick Earle
Second Strelyets Matthew Best
Scribe Paul Crook
The Boyar Shaklovity
agent of the Regent
Donald McIntyre
Prince Ivan Khovansky
leader of the Streltsy (Musketeers)
Evgeny Nesterenko
a young girl from the German Quarter of Moscow
Helen Field
Prince Andrei Khovansky
Ivan Khovansky's son
Robin Leggate
an Old Believer
Yvonne Minton
leader of the Old Believers
Gwynne Howell
Prince Vassily Galitsin
ex-lover of the Regent
Robert Tear
attendant upon Galitsin
Ian Caddy
Pastor John Gibbs
an Old Believer
Phyllis Cannan
Principal Dancer Sharon McGorian
Principal Dancer Linda Moran
Servant Barry Hardy
a Boyar
Francis Egerton
Streltsy, Old Believers, Boyars, Peasants, Guards, Trumpeters, Populace The Royal Opera Chorus
Children from The London Oratory School
The Orchestra of the Royal Opera House
Language: Russian
Information source: Royal Opera House programme for 21 October 1982 (in Royal Opera House Collections)