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Mam'zelle Angot - 12 October 1964 Evening 

Ballet: Performance details

Company: The Royal Ballet
Venue: Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, London
Performance status: Revival
Conductor John Lanchbery
Leader Charles Taylor
Mam'zelle Angot Annette Page
A Barber Brian Shaw
The Caricaturist Christopher Gable
The Aristocrat Georgina Parkinson
A Government Official Franklin White
The Chief of Police Stanley Holden
Gendarme Keith Milland
Gendarme David Morse
The Butcher Lawrence Ruffell
The Tailor Ronald Plaisted
The Bootmaker Douglas Steuart
The Fishwife Glynis Ellams
The Florist Diana Vere
The Seller of Fruit Mavis Osborn
The Seller of Vegetables Julie Wood
Ladies, Children, Urchins, Market Women, etc.
The Officer Derek Rencher
Soldier Lambert Cox
Soldier David Jones
Soldier Paul Brown
Soldier Christopher Newton
Soldier Petrus Bosman
Soldier Warren de Maria
Guest Judith Reyn
Guest Carole Needham
Guest Vergie Derman
Guest Jane Robinson
Guest Ann Kenward
Guest Rosalind Eyre
Pirate Mavis Osborn
Pirate Ronald Plaisted
Savage Ann Howard
Savage David Morse
Minstrel Julie Wood
Minstrel Douglas Steuart
Officer Derek Rencher
His Lady Diana Vere
Incroyable Lawrence Ruffell
Incroyable Austin Bennett
Merveilleuse Glynis Ellams
Merveilleuse Jill Montgomerie
Grisette Maureen Maitland
Grisette Margaret Lyons
Grisette Dianne Horsham
Grisette Suzanna Raymond
Grisette Virginia Wakelyn
Grisette Geraldine Morris
Grisette Jennifer Penney
Grisette Avril Bergen
Cafe Proprietor Keith Milland
Customers, Musicians, Waiters, Soldiers, etc.
The Covent Garden Orchestra
Event: Number 3 in The Royal Ballet mixed programme 12 October 1964
Information source: Royal Opera House programme for 12 October 1964 (in Royal Opera House Collections)