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Song of the Earth - 24 February 1984 Evening 7.30pm

Ballet: Performance details

Company: The Royal Ballet
Venue: Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, London
Performance status: Revival
Conductor Ashley Lawrence
Leader Hugh Maguire
Singer Linda Finnie
Singer John Mitchinson
The Messenger of Death Wayne Eagling
First Song Richard Cragun
First Song Antony Dowson
First Song Julian Hosking
First Song Ross MacGibbon
First Song Ashley Page
First Song Stephen Sheriff
Second Song Marcia Haydée
Second Song Deirdre Eyden
Second Song Jennifer Penney
Second Song Pippa Wylde
Second Song Ashley Page
Second Song Antony Dowson
Second Song Julian Hosking
Second Song Ross MacGibbon
Third Song Jennifer Penney
Third Song Angela Cox
Third Song Wendy Ellis
Third Song Karen Paisey
Third Song Ravenna Tucker
Third Song Simon Horrill
Third Song Douglas Howes
Third Song Guy Niblett
Third Song Stephen Sheriff
Fourth Song Deirdre Eyden
Fourth Song Bryony Brind
Fourth Song Pippa Wylde
Fourth Song Angela Cox
Fourth Song Wendy Ellis
Fourth Song Karen Paisey
Fourth Song Ravenna Tucker
Fourth Song Ashley Page
Fourth Song Jonathan Cope
Fourth Song Antony Dowson
Fourth Song Julian Hosking
Fourth Song Ross MacGibbon
Fourth Song Guy Niblett
Fourth Song Stephen Sheriff
Fifth Song Richard Cragun
Fifth Song Julian Hosking
Fifth Song Ashley Page
Sixth Song Marcia Haydée
Sixth Song Richard Cragun
Sixth Song Jennifer Penney
Sixth Song Deirdre Eyden
Sixth Song Pippa Wylde
Sixth Song Jonathan Cope
Sixth Song Julian Hosking
Sixth Song Ashley Page
Sixth Song Bryony Brind
Sixth Song Antony Dowson
Sixth Song Angela Cox
Sixth Song Wendy Ellis
Sixth Song Karen Paisey
Sixth Song Ravenna Tucker
Sixth Song Simon Horrill
Sixth Song Douglas Howes
Sixth Song Ross MacGibbon
Sixth Song Stephen Sheriff
The Orchestra of the Royal Opera House
Durations: Entire work: 9.11-10.13pm
Event: Number 3 in The Royal Ballet mixed programme 24 February 1984
Information source: Royal Opera House programme and stage manager's report for 24 February 1984 (in Royal Opera House Collections)