We Come to the River - 12 July 1976 Evening 7.30pm

Opera: Performance details

Company: The Royal Opera
Venue: Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, London
Performance status: Original season
Conductor David Atherton
GENERAL Norman Welsby
AIDE Paul Hudson
Clerk Ashton Smith
SOLDIER 1 Francis Egerton
SOLDIER 2 Gerald English
SOLDIER 3 Alan Watt
SOLDIER 4 Malcolm King
Soldier 5 Alexander Oliver
Soldier 6 John Lanigan
Soldier 7 Richard Angas
Soldier 8 Dennis Wicks
Soldier 9 Ivor Beynon
Soldier 10 Duncan Robertson
May Elizabeth Bainbridge
NCO Bryan Drake
Soldier 11 Mark Allington
Soldier 12 Michael Reeves
Soldier 13 Derek Tobias
Soldier 14 David Rowley
Soldier 15 Hywel Jones
Soldier 16 Terence Woodfield
Organist John Bacon
Officer 1 Terry Jenkins
Officer 2 Kenneth Bowen
Officer 3 Tom McDonnell
Officer 4 Michael Follis
DESERTER Robert Tear
Lady 1 Teresa Cahill
Lady 2 Anne Pashley
Lady 3 Joan Davies
Lady 4 Joan Clarkson
Lady 5 Hilary Wilson
RACHEL Deborah Cook
Young Lady 1 Susanna Ross
Young Lady 2 Yvonne Kenny
Young Lady 3 Felicity Lott
Gentleman 1 Arthur Davies
Gentleman 2 John Barrow
Gentleman 3 Brian Donlan
Major Hillcourt Kenton Moore
Waiter 1 Iain Sinclair
Waiter 2 Patrick Marley
Whore 1 Jean Bailey
Whore 2 Elizabeth Shelley
Whore 3 Gillian Knight
DOCTOR Michael Langdon
DRUMMER Gary Kettel
Wounded Soldier 1 Adrian de Peyer
Wounded Soldier 2 David Lennox
Wounded Soldier 3 Brian Kemp
Wounded Soldier 4 Frank Olegario
Wounded Soldier 5 John Wakefield
Wounded Soldier 6 Paul Arden-Griffith
Wounded Soldier 7 Julian Littman
YOUNG WOMAN Josephine Barstow
OLD WOMAN Anne Wilkins
GOVENOR Raimund Herincx
Soldier 17 Neville Simons
Soldier 18 Jimmy Haswell
Soldier 19 Lionel Wheeler
Soldier 20 John Wilding
Soldier 21 Richard Burgess
Soldier 22 Raymond Cook
Soldier 23 John Rainer
Young Lady 4 Jean Bailey
Young Lady 5 Elizabeth Shelley
Young Lady 6 Gillian Knight
MADMAN 1 John Winfield
Madman 2 Alexander Oliver
Madman 3 John Lanigan
Madman 4 Brian Kemp
Madman 5 Frank Olegario
Madman 6 Alan Watt
Madman 7 Malcolm King
Madman 8 John Wakefield
Madman 9 Paul Arden-Griffith
Madman 10 Gary Kettel
Madman 11 David Syrus
Madwoman 1 Teresa Cahill
Madwoman 2 Joan Davies
Madwoman 3 Anne Pashley
Madwoman 4 Elizabeth Bainbridge
Madwoman 5 Joan Clarkson
Madwoman 6 Antonia Butler
Madwoman 7 Angela Hickey
MADWOMAN 8 Julian Littman
Attendant 1 Richard Angas
Minister 1 Kenneth Bowen
Minister 2 Tom McDonnell
Minister 3 Michael Follis
Official 1 David Cusick
Official 2 David Wilson-Johnson
Official 3 Wyndham Parfitt
SOLDIER 2's WIFE Valerie Masterson
Soldier 2's Son 1 Bruce Knight
Soldier 2's Son 2 Michael Ginn
Soldier 2's Son 3 Robert Smith
EMPEROR Josephine Veasey
Grey-haired Minister George Macpherson
Sentry 1 Patrick Marley
Sentry 2 Iain Sinclair
Young Girl 1 Susanna Ross
Young Girl 2 Yvonne Kenny
Young Girl 3 Felicity Lott
Young Girl 4 Jean Bailey
Young Girl 5 Elizabeth Shelley
Young Girl 6 Gillian Knight
Attendant 2 Dennis Wicks
Assassin 1 Adrian de Peyer
Assassin 2 David Lennox
Victim 1 Yvonne Kenny
Victim 2 Susanna Ross
Victim 3 Felicity Lott
Victim 4 Jean Bailey
Victim 5 Elizabeth Shelley
Victim 6 Gillian Knight
Victim 7 Terry Jenkins
Victim 8 Arthur Davies
Victim 9 Kenneth Bowen
Victim 10 John Barrow
Victim 11 Tom McDonnell
Victim 12 Brian Donlan
Victim 13 Michael Follis
Victim 14 Andrew Bird
Victim 15 Andrew John Harbor
Victim 16 Ian MacEwan
Percussion Gary Kettel
The London Sinfonietta
Members of The Orchestra of the Royal Opera House
Language: English
Durations: Part I: 7.34-8.35pm, Part II: 9.06-10.27pm
Information source: Royal Opera House programme for 12 July 1976 (in Royal Opera House Collections)