Luisa Miller - 'Tu puniscimi' - 12 December 1996 Evening 7.00pm

Opera: Performance details

Company: The Royal Opera
Venue: Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, London
Performance status: Gala performance
Conductor Asher Fisch
Leader Vasko Vassilev
Soprano VerĂ³nica Villarroel
The Orchestra of the Royal Opera House
Language: Italian
Durations: Entire part 2: 8.57-10.09pm
Event: Number 11 in The Royal Opera's Gold and Silver Gala 12 December 1996
Television - live relay: BBC 2; 12 December 1996
Information source: Royal Opera House Gala programme and stage manager's report for 12 December 1996 (in Royal Opera House Collections)