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Hamlet - 27 February 1947 Evening 6.45pm

Ballet: Performance details

Company: Sadler's Wells Ballet
Venue: Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, London
Performance status: Revival
Conductor Geoffrey Corbett
Leader Joseph Shadwick
King of Denmark David Davenport
Son of the late King, nephew to the Present King
David Paltenghi
Lord Chamberlain
Paul Reymond
Son to Polonius
John Hart
Gravedigger Alexander Grant
Ghost of Hamlet's Father Leslie Edwards
Queen of Denmark
Mother to Hamlet
Julia Farron
Daughter to Polonius
Pauline Clayden
Page Margaret Dale
Court Lady Joan Grantham
Court Lady Palma Nye
Court Lady Paula Dunning
Court Lady Rosemary Lindsay
Court Lady Christine du Boulay
Court Lady Lorna Mossford
Court Lady Jill Gregory
Court Lady Margaret Sear
Court Lady Mavis Spence
Court Lady Anne Gieves
Pall-bearer Philip Chatfield
Pall-bearer Stanley Hall
Pall-bearer Kenneth Melville
Pall-bearer Alec Martin
The Covent Garden Orchestra
Notes: The programme does not give the name of the orchestra, but it is most likely to have been The Covent Garden Orchestra.
Durations: Entire work: 8.49-9.08pm
Event: Number 3 in Sadler's Wells Ballet mixed programme 27 February 1947
Information source: Royal Opera House programme for 27 February 1947 and stage management reports 1943-47 (in Royal Opera House Collections)