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Mayerling - 19 April 2007 Evening 7.30pm

Ballet: Performance details

Company: The Royal Ballet
Venue: Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, London
Performance status: Revival
Conductor Barry Wordsworth
Associate Concert Master Sergey Levitin
Crown Prince Rudolf of Austria-Hungary Carlos Acosta
Baroness Mary Vetsera
his mistress
Leanne Benjamin
Princess Stephanie
his wife
Gemma Bond
Emperor Franz Josef of Austria-Hungary
his father
David Drew
Empress Elisabeth
his mother
Zenaida Yanowsky
Countess Marie Larisch
lady-in-waiting to the Empress, ex-mistress of Rudolf
Mara Galeazzi
Baroness Helene Vetsera
Mary's mother
Elizabeth McGorian
Rudolf's private cab-driver and a popular entertainer
Ricardo Cervera
Archduchess Sophie
mother of Franz Josef
Sandra Conley
Mitzi Caspar
a high-class prostitute, Rudolf's regular mistress
Marianela Nuñez
Colonel 'Bay' Middleton
Elisabeth's lover
Christopher Saunders
Hungarian Officer
friend of Rudolf
Bennet Gartside
Hungarian Officer
friend of Rudolf
Yohei Sasaki
Hungarian Officer
friend of Rudolf
Thiago Soares
Hungarian Officer
friend of Rudolf
Johannes Stepanek
Katherina Schratt
Franz Josef's friend
Elizabeth Sikora
Alfred Grünfeld
a pianist
Paul Stobart
Count Eduard Taafe
Prime Minister of Austria-Hungary
Alastair Marriott
Count Hoyos
friend of Rudolf
Valeri Hristov
Princess Louise
Stephanie's sister
Samantha Raine
Prince Philipp of Coburg
her husband, friend of Rudolf
David Pickering
Princess Gisela
Rudolf's elder sister
Sian Murphy
Princess Valerie
Rudolf's younger sister
Isabel McMeekan
Princess Valerie as a child Leanne Cope
Mary Vetsera as a child Leanne Benjamin
Rudolf's valet
Michael Stojko
Count Larisch Joshua Tuifua
Guests, chambermaids, whores, gentlemen, servants, ladies-in-waiting Artists of The Royal Ballet
The Orchestra of the Royal Opera House
Sponsor: Phil Swallow (role of Baroness Mary Vetsera); Caroline Swallow (role of Baroness Mary Vetsera)
Durations: Act I: 7.31-8.12pm, Act II: 8.33-9.26pm, Act III: 9.46-10.23pm
Information source: Royal Opera House cast sheet and stage manager's report for 19 April 2007 (in Royal Opera House Collections)