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Song of the Earth - 6 July 1971 Evening 

Ballet: Performance details

Company: The Royal Ballet
Venue: Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, London
Performance status: Revival
Conductor Colin Davis
Leader Charles Taylor
Singer Sibyl Michelow
Singer Richard Lewis
The Messenger of Death Michael Coleman
First Song David Wall
First Song Gary Sherwood
First Song Wayne Eagling
First Song Peter Fairweather
First Song Robert Mead
First Song Carl Myers
Second Song Lynn Seymour
Second Song Vergie Derman
Second Song Georgina Parkinson
Second Song Jennifer Penney
Second Song Gary Sherwood
Second Song Wayne Eagling
Second Song Dennis Griffith
Second Song Robert Mead
Third Song Jennifer Penney
Third Song Lesley Collier
Third Song Patricia Linton
Third Song Suzanna Raymond
Third Song Marilyn Trounson
Third Song Petrus Bosman
Third Song Christopher Carr
Third Song Wayne Eagling
Third Song Graham Fletcher
Fourth Song Georgina Parkinson
Fourth Song Vergie Derman
Fourth Song Rosalind Eyre
Fourth Song Lesley Collier
Fourth Song Patricia Linton
Fourth Song Suzanna Raymond
Fourth Song Marilyn Trounson
Fourth Song Gary Sherwood
Fourth Song Petrus Bosman
Fourth Song Paul Brown
Fourth Song Wayne Eagling
Fourth Song Robert Mead
Fourth Song Carl Myers
Fourth Song Peter O'Brien
Fifth Song David Wall
Fifth Song Robert Mead
Fifth Song Gary Sherwood
Sixth Song Lynn Seymour
Sixth Song David Wall
Sixth Song Vergie Derman
Sixth Song Georgina Parkinson
Sixth Song Jennifer Penney
Sixth Song Gary Sherwood
Sixth Song Wayne Eagling
Sixth Song Robert Mead
Sixth Song Rosalind Eyre
Sixth Song Dennis Griffith
Sixth Song Lesley Collier
Sixth Song Patricia Linton
Sixth Song Suzanna Raymond
Sixth Song Marilyn Trounson
Sixth Song Petrus Bosman
Sixth Song Paul Brown
Sixth Song Peter Fairweather
Sixth Song Carl Myers
The Orchestra of the Royal Opera House
Event: Number 2 in The Royal Ballet mixed programme 6 July 1971
Information source: Royal Opera House programme for 6 July 1971 (in Royal Opera House Collections)