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Mam'zelle Angot - 11 April 1950 Evening 

Ballet: Performance details

Company: Sadler's Wells Ballet
Venue: Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, London
Performance status: Revival
Conductor Robert Irving
Leader Joseph Shadwick
Mam'zelle Angot Avril Navarre
A Barber Alexander Grant
The Caricaturist John Field
The Aristocrat Gerd Larsen
A Government Official John Hart
The Chief of Police Franklin White
Gendarme Paul Reymond
Gendarme Ray Powell
The Butcher Leslie Edwards
The Tailor Peter Clegg
The Bootmaker John Cranko
The Fishwife Jill Gregory
The Florist April Olrich
The Seller of Fruit Anne Negus
The Seller of Vegetables Dorothea Zaymes
Lady Pauline Wadsworth
Lady Palma Nye
Lady Thekla Russell
Child Sheila Nelson
Child Annette Page
Urchins, Market women, etc.
The Officer Richard Ellis
Soldier Ronald Plaisted
Soldier Kenneth Melville
Soldier Philip Chatfield
Soldier Alfred Rodrigues
Soldier Bryan Ashbridge
Soldier Kenneth MacMillan
Guest Gillian Lynne
Guest Rosemary Lindsay
Guest Wendy Winn
Guest Christine du Boulay
Guest Rowena Jackson
Guest Greta Hamby
Pirate Leslie Edwards
Pirate Jill Gregory
Savage Ray Powell
Savage Pauline Clayden
Minstrel Gilbert Vernon
Minstrel Anne Negus
Officer Richard Ellis
His Lady Palma Nye
Incroyable Michael Boulton
Incroyable John Cranko
Merveilleuse Christine du Boulay
Merveilleuse Thekla Russell
Grisette Valerie Taylor
Grisette Dorothea Zaymes
Grisette Anne Heaton
Grisette Pauline Wadsworth
Grisette Fiorella Keane
Grisette Margaret Sear
Café Proprietor Franklin White
Customers, Musicians, Waiters, Soldiers, etc.
The Covent Garden Orchestra
Event: Number 3 in Sadler's Wells Ballet mixed programme 11 April 1950
Information source: Royal Opera House programme for 11 April 1950 (in Royal Opera House Collections)