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The Nutcracker - 20 December 1984 Evening 

Ballet: Performance details

Company: The Royal Ballet
Venue: Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, London
Performance status: Original season
Conductor Gennady Rozhdestvensky
Leader Hugh Maguire
Herr Drosselmeyer Michael Coleman
his God-daughter
Julie Rose
The Nutcracker
Drosselmeyer's nephew
Guy Niblett
Act I scene 1 Drosselmeyer's workshop - early evening
Drosselmeyer's Assistant Anthony Bourne
Messenger Simon Horrill
Act I scene 2 Street outside the Stahlbaums' house
Maiden Aunt Sharon McGorian
Maiden Aunt Mary Morse-Boycott
Housekeeper Romayne Grigorova
Sleigh-driver Oliver Symons
Act I scene 3 The Stahlbaums' living room
Dr Stahlbaum
Clara's father
Derek Rencher
Mrs Stahlbaum
Clara's mother
Sandra Conley
her brother
Simon Rice
Grandmother Julie Wood
Great-grandfather Robert Jude
Dancing Mistress Gerd Larsen
Captain Leslie Edwards
a doll
David Peden
a doll
Maria Almeida
a doll
Bruce Sansom
a doll
Angela DeMello
St Nicholas Jeremy Sheffield
Devil Anthony Bourne
Devil Errol Pickford
Act I scene 4 The Battle
The Mouse King Jonathan Cope
Act I scene 5 The Land of Snow
Act II scene 1 The Journey to the Kingdom of Sweets
Act II scene 2 The Palace Garden
The Sugar Plum Fairy Lesley Collier
The Prince Anthony Dowell
Princess Fiona Chadwick
Princess Wendy Ellis
Princess Pippa Wylde
Major Domo Robert Jude
Danse Espagnole Sharon McGorian
Danse Espagnole Ashley Page
Danse Espagnole Deirdre Eyden
Danse Espagnole Jacqui Tallis
Danse Espagnole Christopher Carr
Danse Espagnole Antony Dowson
Danse Arabe Genesia Rosato
Danse Arabe Jonathan Cope
Danse Arabe Ross MacGibbon
Danse Arabe Christopher Saunders
Danse Chinoise Bruce Barraclough
Danse Chinoise Anthony Bourne
Danse Chinoise Errol Pickford
Danse Chinoise James Taylor
Trepak Garry Grant
Trepak Simon Horrill
Trepak Simon Rice
Danse des Mirlitons Karen Paisey
Danse des Mirlitons Maria Almeida
Danse des Mirlitons Fiona Brockway
Danse des Mirlitons Angela DeMello
Danse des Mirlitons Nicola Roberts
Valse des Fleurs Joanna Allnatt
Valse des Fleurs Tracy Brown
Valse des Fleurs Deborah Bull
Valse des Fleurs Fiona Marshall
Valse des Fleurs Franziska Merky
Valse des Fleurs Christina Parker
Valse des Fleurs Donna Richardson
Valse des Fleurs Nicola Tranah
Valse des Fleurs Phillip Broomhead
Valse des Fleurs Michael Crookes
Valse des Fleurs Mark Freeman
Valse des Fleurs Sergiu Pobereznic
Valse des Fleurs Bruce Sansom
Valse des Fleurs Jeremy Sheffield
Valse des Fleurs Neil Skidmore
Valse des Fleurs Andrew Ward
Grand pas de deux Lesley Collier
Grand pas de deux Anthony Dowell
Finale Entire Cast
Act II scene 3 Street outside the Stahlbaums' house
Act II scene 4 Apotheosis
Aunts, Uncles, Parents, Maids, Manservants, Revellers, Snowflakes Artists of The Royal Ballet
Children, Toy Soldiers, Mice, Gingerbreads, Rabbit Drummer, Pages Students of The Royal Ballet School (Lower School)
Angels Students of The Royal Ballet School (Upper School)
The Orchestra of the Royal Opera House
Event: The Royal Ballet Gala performance of 'The Nutcracker' 20 December 1984
Information source: Royal Opera House Gala programme for 20 December 1984 (in Royal Opera House Collections)